Friday, March 12, 2010

A&A - Z & Z for Agile Coach

What are A & A – Z & Z Qualities of a successful agile coach?
1. A & A – Attitude and Affirmations – (A = 1 + T =20 +T=20+ I = 9 + T = 20+ U =21+ D = 4+ E =5 mean this word is formed based on the position of letter in A(1) – Z(26) that mean 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100. Dress up your attitude and you can get 100 percent success.
Affirmation is a self talk – whatever you talk to yourself will get reflected in your behavior. Have a nice self talk and nice thing will happen
2. B & B – Balance and Bench mark –Create a balance in your mind, be unshakable against war of Naya – No Sayers. Take a bench mark of your work and progress of your team through constant feedback mechanism
3. C & C – Courage and Collaboration – Only courage can create high collaborative team.
4. D & D – Determined and Desire – Have a strong determination for making other’s successful. Desire for a success, look for all the good things that everyone has and you will find excellent things in every human being.
5. E & E – Energetic and Enthusiastic – People around you can see your energy and enthusiasm, exhibit them
6. F & F – Focus and Faith - Create constant focus – implement game of Dash and Marathon in your sprint with a strong faith to win a game
7. G & G - Give and Give – Unconditionally give all the help and support that you can, be a giver. Whatever you give to others it will come back to you.
8. H & H – Happy and Honest – Maintain this state of mind called “Happy”, if you are happy, you will find happy people all over the world and it will spread. Be honest in whatever you say and do
9. I & I – Income and Investment – Use these as business value criteria for each user story. Ask product owner what is income we will get from this functionality? It is hard to implement but if implemented it can provide the best result
10. J & J – Joyful & James – Be joyesh Jim or Joyesh Jane all the time. Unleashed the James, diamonds within, every human being has all the qualities within himself or herself. No own told you that you can be anything at any age and you also do not believe that you can be anything.
11. K & K – Kind and Knowledgeable – Through kindness, you can understand kinesthetic feelings that human generate by making auditory and visual images inside brain. This helps understanding teammate and their problems very easily. Also you can build a deep report with your team. Knowledge is a true power, if you have hands-on for writing fit script for TDD, Hudson for CI , Junit for Unit Test, Silenium for GUI test, you can be a great asset for technical team
12. L & L – Love & Learn – Love all the people unconditionally, love yourself and people will start loving you. What you are get reflected and it comes back to you. Become student forever, keep your mind open. Human mind is like a parachute, it works great when it is open
13. M & M - Miracle and Mind. All the things that we see around are miracles of human mind. Human beings can do wonders if given all the resources, help and trust.
14. N & N - Neuro-lingustic Programming and Noble deeds – NLP helps reading minds of team members and build report with them to provide a solution to their problem. Noble deeds - One may not stay on this planet but his deeds are eternal.
15. O & O – Objective and Observation – Always have a very clear objective of what you really and specifically want. Observe reactions of people on words, hand movement, body language. Only 7 percent of communication happens through words and 65 percent is through body language. Be an excellent observer
16. P & P – Passion and People – Have a passion of doing everything and anything that is possible. People are the most valuable things in your life respect their thought & mind unconditionally, it is their model of world. Their wiring has happened in a way they are grown and nurtured
17. Q & Q – Questioning and Quality – Use Open questions for starting discussion with product owner & control questions for gather facts. Quality in agile is from day one – start with TDD. Do not accept user story unless it has clearly define business value and acceptance criteria
18. R & R – Realistic and Respectful – Be realistic all the time, 90 percent of functionality is never used or not required by customer. Respect everyone in every way.
19. S & S – Satisfy and Serve – Satisfy customer’s real need, rather than imaginary needs. Adopt a servant leadership model proven by Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandella, Mother Terressa or any servant leader that you have a strong belief. Human modeling was around since decades , use it to your advantage
20. T & T – Time Boxing & Trading – Time boxing is one of the powerful way on which agile project management practice is built (Scrum) , use it to create right pressure. Trade time for business value only, apply 14-toyota way to eliminate waste
21. U & U – Unique and Unify – Unify all the unique individuals on team (Business + IT) through collaborative communication & use of simple language. Mostly use visual communication, white board, videoconference, web cam, live meeting, SAS implemented ALM tools, wiki pictures etc.
22. V & V – Vision and Value – Have a well defined vision for each product and get it nailed down to each developer on team. This is a roadmap as to where we want to go from where we are. Map agile values and principle with organization values. Values and principles are major ingredient of success
23. W & W – Work and Worship – Work is worship – What pays makes sense
24. X & X - Xanadu & Xavier . Xanadu – Beautiful or wonderful place. Create work environment as one of the most beautiful place. Xavier - The middle name of a well known morpethian mathematician and comedian. One must apply mathematical skill and sense of humor to produce desire results
25. Y & Y - Yogi and Youthful – Yoga (Your Own Goal Achievement) is about integration of mind, body and soul. Yoga has nothing to do with any culture or religion. Do power yoga to calm down your thought and create balance within yourself to stay youthful forever. Youthfulness is a charm that team likes
26. Z & Z – Zion & Zeal – Zion is an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal. Remember there is no perfection in this world, it is always continuous improvement. Zeal – Active Interest